10 Countries Where You Can Find the World’s Most Beautiful Women

We can’t deny that there are beautiful women in every country, and there are not-so-beautiful ones, too. Then there are countries where you can find a larger number of beautiful women – either they are naturally beautiful or they just know how to take good care of themselves. The list below shows which countries you must visit if you want to see lots and lots of beautiful women – natural or enhanced, blonde or brunette, pale or tanned skin tone, tall or petite.


Angola is to Africa what Lebanon is to Middle East. More and more models from Angola are showing up on international runways. Because of this, more young girls and young women joining local beauty pageants just to capture the attention of model agencies. You may have also heard the fact that Angola is one of the two sub-Saharan countries with a black Miss Universe winner.

Angolan actress Micaela Patrícia Reis

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